Please review the information below before deciding whether or not to start high dose thiamine(B1) therapy.

Book **Highly recommended**

Parkinson's and the B1 Therapy Paperback – by Daphne Bryan PhD  (Author)

This book explains the high dose Thiamine therapy in detail. Available on Amazon in many different languages.

Interview with Daphne Bryan:

Facebook group: Parkinson's B1 Therapy


Video by Dr. Constantini's neurological team that has been successfully treating Parkinson's Disease and other diseases with thiamine(B1) (21 minutes): Click here.

A very detailed explanation on how and why high dose thiamine(B1) works for Parkinson's diseases (29 minutes): Click here.


Dr. Costantini's own site:

Forums  - This is an excellent forum where people discuss B1 and other therapies, latest research and every other problem associated with PD.



Interview with Dr. Costantini by Dr. Roger Roberts of Parkinson's Recovery. 

2017 Newspaper interview with Dr.Costantini

In-depth discussion on thiamine (Audio, 1 hour, 8 min)

Dr. Costantini's Published Case Studies

High-dose thiamine as initial treatment for Parkinson’s disease

High-dose thiamine and essential tremor

Long-Term Treatment with High-Dose Thiamine in Parkinson Disease: An Open-Label Pilot Study

An open-label pilot study with high-dose thiamine in Parkinson’s disease

Thiamine Therapy for Dystonia Type 1

Other Videos on Thiamine

Simple (2:22):

Dr. Berg (16:33):

More in-depth (21:33)

More in-depth: (42 min)