This site provides information about using high dose thiamine to reduce Parkinson's Disease symptoms. I have Parkinson's and this therapy changed my life! Family and friends that saw the positive changes in my health were amazed at the transition and wanted to know more. This website was created as a way to share articles, case studies and videos so that other people with Parkinson's may learn about and benefit from this therapy.

Why use High Dose Thiamine?

High dose thiamine(B1) is a low cost, self-administered therapy. No prescription or doctor's appointment required!

Based on published studies done by Italian neurologist, Dr. Antonio Costantini, high doses of thiamine(B1) will reduce symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Dr. Costantini has successfully treated thousands of Parkinson patients since 2013 and, as well as reducing the symptoms, the results show that thiamine may prevent the disease from progressing! 

According to Dr. Costantini, "all Parkinsonian patients, at any stage of the disease have benefit on symptoms and stopping the progression of the disease, whether or not they are being treated with other drugs.   We do not have any patients who do not respond to treatment with thiamine."

Getting Started

  • Do your research! Read through the links provided under Resources and FAQs.
  • Do not stop taking any Parkinson's medications prescribed by your doctorHigh dose thiamine(B1) works with your Parkinson's medications.
  • This therapy uses thiamine hydrochloride (hcl) which is water soluble so any amount not used by the body will be excreted naturally.
  • If the thiamine causes your symptoms to worsen, stop the therapy for a few days then resume at 50% the previous dosage. Finding the dosage that works for you is a matter of adjustments.
  • Taking high doses of thiamine(B1) is generally regarded as safe but please check with your doctor about taking high doses of this vitamin.


  • Daily dosages can be as low as 25 mg or as high as 4000 mgs. See FAQs.
  • Split the dose between morning and mid-day, before or after meals. Do not take with coffee, tea or acidic juices.
  • Take with or without food. 
  • Consume dosage before 2 PM. Some patients report that the thiamine will interfere with sleep if taken too late in the day. 
  • If you start to feel jittery or your symptoms worsen, the dose is too high. Stop for 3-5 days, then take 50% less.
  • The dosage for this therapy is very individualized. Finding what works for you is done by adjusting the dose until you see improvements.

What to expect (as reported by patients using this therapy)

  • Reduction in fatigue, stiffness, freezing, tremors, anxiety.
  • Improved sleep, balance, hand dexterity
  • No more constipation
  • To see a full list, visit this forum post: Click here.

Sources of Thiamine HCl (or HCL)

Notes: B1 should be in the water-soluble hydrochloride form to be safe and effective in high doses. 

Vitacost - These easy to swallow 500 mg capsules are the popular choice for patients using this therapy: Click here.

Amazon - Solgar brand 500 mg capsules are large and could be a problem swallowing: Click here.

Bulk Supplements - no additives powder. Click here.

The original Italian studies were done using intramuscular injections. This site will provide information on using oral supplementation as it is being used by many patients with Parkinson's with great success. Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns about taking high doses of this vitamin.